Integration testing component closure actions

Published April 17, 2016 by Toran Billups

Last month at EmberConf I ran a workshop on test driven development. Each time I do a training event like this I get a handful of great questions and this time around was no different. I got so many great questions that I decided it was time to blog about a few of the repeat offenders.

The question for this blog post is centered around component integration testing. If you have a simple component that takes in some users and a closure action, how can you assert the action is wired up correctly without including the outter context (parent/container component or controller).

Integration testing makes this such a snap (once we get the syntax down correctly) because you can pass in anything we want (no mock or spy required).

In the next post I'll show how you can inject a custom template to test a custom component helper with integration testing!

To see the test in action you can pull down this example app to learn more

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