FireUp ReactJS

Published August 20, 2014 by Toran Billups

I've been organizing my local javascript group for the last year and realized that most developers only have deep knowledge of one specific framework. Because of this we often fail to see how others solve some of the same problems. I fell victim to this myself and decided to learn the latest javascript library from Facebook, react.js

In the past I'd write a todo application or maybe a blog engine to get familiar with some new library or web framework. But this time around I decided to write the FireUp EmberJS web app because it shows off the stateful client without having to think about persistent storage/ajax/etc. And to help push me even further, I submitted a propasal to speak about React at the regional conference, MidwestJS. As part of my prep for the talk, I recorded a short screencast and thought to share it online!

Direct Download (mp4)

The full source code for this example app can be found on github. If you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment or ping me on twitter.

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