Building Your Own Ember App Kit Lite

Published April 07, 2014 by Toran Billups

Last year Stefan Penner launched Ember App Kit as an experimental project to help the community build a common foundation for ambitious projects built with ember.js. I loved the concept and personally couldn't thank Stef and the community enough for paving the way forward with this amazing project.

With that said, I didn't adopt it for any personal projects because I never fully understood how it all worked. In particular, the Gruntfile itself seemed like the most complex configuration file I'd ever seen. But to be clear, I can still appreciate the work and experience that went into building that file.

And because I found this project extremely helpful, I decided the community would benefit from a fresh step-by-step blog series showing how to build up a Gruntfile like this from scratch. I hope to give others some insight into each decision that is made along the way.

The long term solution will be something official like ember-cli but until this is stable/polished/etc I think this series will prove valuable. It might also help teams who had trouble upgrading EAK take another stab at it with fresh eyes.

I plan to cover the following concepts for those who might be interested

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