Talking mobile development on Hanselminutes

Published December 17, 2011 by Toran Billups

When I started doing web development years ago I found podcasts were a great way to learn about different facets of software development. If I wasn't exposed to different ideas I might never have thought to innovate on my own projects and keep learning. And if you are at all familiar with the .NET community one of the most respected podcasts in existence today is hanselminutes. This weekly podcast features Scott Hanselman doing what he does best - speaking with interesting people in the software community to get a different perspective on popular (and sometimes unpopular) topics in the software industry.

Recently I was fortunate enough to talk with Scott about my experience developing mobile applications across iPhone/Android/Windows Phone and thought to mention it on the blog. The actual interview covered my previous blog post about the mobile development report card but Scott did take it a bit further at times. The most entertaining part without a doubt was when Scott asked about memory management and I said to ignore it initially (I was then given the 'opportunity' to dig myself out of that hole rather quickly).

But even with this misstep I think the show ended up a huge success! If you are interesting in the podcast give it a listen, and if you just want to read about it you can find a full transcript here.

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