How to publish your first iPhone app

Published November 07, 2011 by Toran Billups

When I finished my first iPhone app earlier this year, I just assumed the hard part was over. But it turns out learning objective-c wasn't the worst part of my transition to the iOS development eco-system. The most difficult part was figuring out the crazy certificate/provisioning profile madness that had me ready to throw in the towel.

I actually phoned a good friend for help the first time around just so I could get my product into the app store. But recently I had to pave my workstation and re-install OSX from scratch. After doing so I realized I would have to go through this painful setup again, so instead of the guess work I did last time around I decided to record it so I could share the actual steps required with others who might be struggling to publish an iPhone app for the first time.

Direct Download (mp4)

Update 08/04/2012 - So it turns out the most critical / asked about step of the publishing process was skipped toward the end of my first video (where I opened AppCode to do the build). The Xcode schema and build settings step was already in place so when I went to build the app for the AppStore I failed to show how one might create a new Release friendly schema and build it with the correct distribution build settings. The video below is a recent publish that I did in 100% Xcode (sorry for the duplication but I'm sure both videos add some value for anyone new to the AppStore publishing process).

Direct Download (mp4)

If I skipped anything that should be covered in more depth please shoot me an email or leave a comment. I hope this helps guide someone else through the nightmare that plagues all new iOS developers (at least this one anyway).

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