Building Something Real Test-First Screencast Series

Published October 04, 2010 by Toran Billups

I finally decided to publish an 11 part series dedicated to real world test-first development. In this series I start development of a very simple blog engine using both Fitnesse and MS Test to drive out the design. Throughout the series I focus on simplicity, design fundamentals, acceptance testing, unit testing, and refactoring. I learned a lot during the series and hope to pass along something of value to another developer who might be interested in the test-first paradigm.

I will blog about each part of the series independently but for now I wanted to get the mp4 links posted for those who might find the content of interest.

Episode 1 - Get fitnesse setup to do acceptance testing
Episode 2 - writing our first test
Episode 3 - clean the code
Episode 4 - writing the retrieve unit test
Episode 5 - writing a crud integration test
Episode 6 - cleanup the integration test fixture
Episode 7 - get the unit tests running fast /independent /repeatable
Episode 8 - using an isolation framework to mock out dependencies
Episode 9 - writing the negative event cases
Episode 10 - hookup fitnesse to prove the feature is complete
Episode 11 - modify transaction management for fitnesse

The source code is up on github for anyone who wants to follow along on a commit by episode basis.

I'm always open for feedback so if you have questions or comments just shoot me an email.

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